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When General Motors definitively closed Hummer now as an independent part a firm specializing in small electric vehicles founded in 2006, bought a license to be able to use adapt the model to its select range of models.

Hummer mini plans to commercialize throughout Mexico, a mini Hummer with the format of a small luxury SUV 100% electric that can be driven even without having the driver's license. This scale Hummer is configured as a two-seater with optional rear seats that also has a convertible version and a limousine version with greater livability and load capacity. Why a Hummer? The Mini Hummer is a vehicle aimed at luxury and differentiation. It has a robust but lightweight chassis capable of transporting four adults if it is chosen with the optional rear seats. It measures 3 meters long by 1.5 wide and 1.5 high and has a gel battery that gives it a range of 65 miles, although there is an optional lithium that extends this range to 150 miles. Its equipment includes heated sports seats, 15-inch alloy wheels, adjustable suspension, the LCD screen that acts as an instrument panel or its striking paint colors. But also Mini Hummer promises "a long list of options to customize the vehicle to the smallest detail." Finally, safety is in this vehicle, as it has safety belts with three anchoring points, lights with LED technology, acoustic signal for reversing and front disc brakes. Objective: popularize electric mobility Mini Hummer aims to popularize luxury electric mobility in Mexico, for which it also plans to launch another model called Daytona, a two-seater roadster with classic lines and, for a more functional use, another one called ZIP, that offers the maximum agility in the urban displacements and more facility of parking. In any case, the company has already offered data on the price with which it will sell in U.S. , Mexico and Central America.

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